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  • Create lasting memories together!

Hi there, I'm Viktoria!

And I know exactly what it's like to struggle with creating beautiful memories with your kids.

In fact, I first started my blog, Easy Activities for Kids, not because I was the most playful parent or child expert. Just opposite, in fact! Truth be told, I was kind of a disaster in almost every way. I felt overwhelmed by motherhood and not knowing whether or not I was a good mom.

I felt unsure of how to make everyday life with my kids feel meaningful and I knew something had to give. I started sharing easy activities that I did to connect with my kids, figuring if nothing else it would be a way to hold myself accountable.

Amazingly enough, it worked! Eventually, I learned how to make magical moments with my kids as stress and guilt-free as possible. My solutions are engaging and playful, and I know that they will help you the same way they helped me!

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